Submission Guidelines

I hate to be so strict, but any stories that do not follow the guidelines below will be rejected.  I will
notify you of the problem, of course, by e-mail.

Mandatory Submission Guidelines:
The story is attached in text format.  (*.txt)
I do not accept .doc or .wpd format!
ONLY text, No other formats will be accepted!
You may send text files zipped if they are over 60KB.

The story is wrapped to 70 characters per line.  If it is not wrapped, the readers may not want to take the time to
wrap your story, which means no readers!

You tell me the story title and the author name.  Your e-mail address is optional.

Give the Story Rating.
(G) Romance for General Audiences
(PG) Not for young children
(PG13) Not for children under 13, contains violence or adult situations
(H) Hentai  - Mature Adults only

Optional Submission Guidelines:

If your fanfiction follows these guidelines, then send it here, with the following information:

Your Author Name
Your E-Mail Address
Fanfiction Name
Part or Chapter (If applicable)
Fanfiction Rating

I don't have the time to read each story, so what you send in is what you get.  If you send in a story, and then
edit later, feel free to send the revised version.  It will be listed in the NEW stories section.

Send the stories!