Finally, Part 3 is out!  I had a lot of trouble with this chapter, since I have my mind on my newest fic that I'm writing.  But it wouldn't be fair to leave you in suspense, now would it?  So I've strained my head, and come up with a decent chapter.  Also, current notes, Grease will not be coming out.  I can't seem to get a decent copy of the script to work with, so I can't do anything.  If any of you know where I can get it, or if you have it, I would be honored if you gave me a copy.  Anyway, on with the fic!

Peace After Pain
By Selenity
Chapter 3: Finding Out

    Trunks felt cold water on his face.  He woke up to see his younger version grinning evilly.  "Why you..." he trailed off, seeing the situation in the room.  The others were about to get doused with water, and ChiChi, Mina, Serena, and Bulma were sitting at the table playing cards.  "Serena, is that really you?" asked Trunks.  Serena spun around to face him.  "Oh lord, not this!  ChiChi, I TOLD you I shouldn't have come around here before!  Now while everyone else finds out I'm back, he will too, and I'll have to face him!" she said.

    17 felt his face wet when he woke up.  He looked up to see a little girl with honey brown hair and cerulean-prussion blue eyes.  *This is a really bad horror story.  I'm going to wake up and everything will be just fine." he thought.  He looked around the room and stopped on Serena.  "I don't believe it, she's back!" he whispered.  Ashley giggled and jumped in his arms, having been told by her mother that he was her father.  "Hi daddy!" she said.  17 just looked at her and passed out.
    The others were lucky enough to get nicer awakenings.  Tien and Yamcha woke up after being prodded and pinched by Goten and Reenie.  Soon, they were all awake and had started up a conversation again.  Serena did her best to not look at 17, but it ws hard, seeing as Reenie was pulling her dress and pointing to him.
    "So exactly why are you back Serena?" asked Trunks (AN: To distinguish between the two, from not on, i'll call the younger version Trunks-chan.  He's so cute as a little boy!).  "I didn't want to answer that, but I guess it's only polite.  My world is a disaster.  After the other senshi died, I made a portal to come here. I had no where else to go, and besides, it wouldn't be fair to Ashley and Reenie if we didn't." she said sadly.
    "But you're wrong.  We didn't die.  Queen Serenity sent our star seeds here after transporting our bodies.  We thought YOU were dead because your body didn't come back with us." said Mina.  "So then where are the others?" asked Serena.  "They're settling into their new environment.  And before you ask the reason why I was doing what I did, I'll tell you.  I was working for this strip club called Princesses, and they needed someone to fill in.  I needed the job, I couldn't afford to be fired," said Mina.
    "But couldn't you stay with Amy, or even Raye?" asked Serena.  "They're places are crammed.  Amy, Lita, and Raye are crammed into an apartment, and the outers are in a two bedroom apartment." she replied.  "Couldn't Setsuna zap up some money?" asked Serena.  "We can't use our powers here," was the response Mina gave.
    "But who are those two little girls Serena?" asked Yamcha.  Serena had the courtesy to blush.  "They're my daughters," she replied, waiting for their response.  "Your WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" yelled Trunks, Yamcha, Tien, and Mina.  "My daughters.  Is that so hard to comprehend?" she asked.  "When did you get pregnant?!  Or are they from the future?" asked Mina.  "They aren't from the future.  And I got pregnant with them 5 years ago," she said.  "Five years ago?  Weren't you HERE five years ago?" asked Tien.  "Exactly," she said.  "But that would mean that my gosh.  That would mean one of Us is the father!" said Trunks.  "Like duh Trunks!  I thought you were smarter than that!" she said.  Everyone's eyes moved onto 17, who was busy trying to look everywhere except at Serena.  Reenie pulled Serena's dress.  "Mommy, how come you and Daddy aren't talking to each other?" she asked innocently.  Serena wanted to kill herself at that moment.  She excused herself, and pulled Ashley and Reenie into a corner.

    "Listen girls, and listen good.  What is going on with me and your father is not for you to know.  I need to think about the situation I'm in.  But in that time, you can stay with him.  Heaven knows I'm tired of you two whining for him," she said, smiling.  "Okay Mommy, but I still think that you should talk to daddy," said Ashley.  Serena looked at her daughter incredulously.  "Did Setsuna find about you two?  Did she see you at all?" she asked.  Reenie nodded.  "She came out of this portal thingy and took us to a place that looks like this.  And she let this guy with spiky hair all over train us.  I think his name was Goku," she said.  "GOKU!  She took you away without my permission! Even if she took you to Goku, that gave her no right!  Oooh, when I get my hands on her!" Serena whispered, before leading her daughters back to the others.  "Umm, Mina, I need you to spend the night at my house,  because I need you to tell me what's going on here," said Serena.
    "Why did you change the topic so fast?" smirked Trunks.  "Listen shorty, you have NO idea what's going on in my head right now, so you should be the one to talk," she said.  "Sere, what's wrong?  You look so mad," asked Mina.
    "Oh, nothing.  Just that a certain Guardian of Time went and kidnapped my children from our timeline, brought them here and let Goku train them, without my permission!  I don't even know why she did that?  They wouldn't have been able to fight against Galaxia anyway," she said.  "Umm Serena, I think someone wants to talk to you," said Bulma, tapping her on the shoulder.  Serena turned around to see Bulma pointing to 17.  She nodded, and the two stepped into another room.

    "What do you want to talk about?" she asked.  "I want to know why you left me like that!  Why you left me in pain for the last 5 years, not knowing where you were, or even knowing that I had two daughters!  How do you think I feel?" he asked her.  "Listen, I did what I had to.  And I admit, I shouldn't have left in the middle of our argument, but I was needed," she said,  "Do you even remember what we were arguing about?" he asked her.

~*~Five Year Ago~*~

    "Are you with him Serena?  Answer me that?!" asked 17.  "I am not with Yamcha, 17.  What saw was an accident," said Serena.  "An accident huh?  Then why didn't you stop?!  Why didn't you stop when you saw me?!" he asked.  "17, I do not care about Yamcha.  You know that I love you," she said.  "Well you sure have a funny way of showing it!" he said.  Suddenly, Serena felt a tingle.  As she started to fade away, she said, "Good-bye 17, for now."

    "I'll repeat it again 17, I did not have feeling for Yamcha back then, and I don't now." she said.  "Then why didn't you come back sooner?" he asked.  "Because there was a battle in my timeline.  All of my senshi had left me.  I was the one who had to battle, and see my world destroyed!"  Tears trickled down her cheek.  He went to brush them away, and she turned her back.  "17, I don't want to be hurt anymore.  I can't get involved." she said.  "You could at least try to talk to me, you know.  I'm not going to bite," he said softly.  Serena felt her knees go weak by his close proximity.  He put his arms around her waist.  "You have to give me another chance.  That's all I ask," he said.  "All right."

Finally!  I've got part 3 out!  Here you go!  Part 4 won't be out soon, as I have to work on my GW/SM crossover, which I have neglected for way too long.  But at least you know the father!