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Peace After Pain
By Selenity
Chapter 2: Close Calls

    "Is that why you left?" ChiChi asked.  "Partially.  I had to go back to my dimension to help with the fight too," said Serena.  "Why didn't you tell any of us?" asked ChiChi.  "Because you would have tried to convince me to stay.  And also, I hated the way I left, right in the middle of our argument.  I couldn't face him after that," said Serena crying.  ChiChi kneeled in front of Serena and took her hand.  "Serena," she said, "he has been missing you for five years.  The least you could do is let him meet his daughters."  Serena turned away.  "I don't think I can," she said.  ChiChi stood up.  "Alright, it's your decision.  But you can't keep this girls cooped up in here," said ChiChi.  Serena smiled.  "No, I'm not.  I'm sending them to school.  I don't want them clumsy and unintelligent like I was," she said.  "Alright then.  Maybe sometime you could let them come over and play with Goten," said ChiChi.  Serena turned to her girls  "Is that all right with you two?" she asked.  "Sure Mommy!  It'll be fun!" said Ashley.  "Okay then, I'll talk to you again, okay?" said ChiChi.  "Okay then, bye ChiChi, thanks for coming!" said Serena as she showed ChiChi out.

    The next day Serena took the girls for their first day of school.  As she looked at the registration form, she noticed the form had a space that she had to put the father's name.  She quickly pulled out a cell phone and called Chichi.  "Hello?" someone answered the phone.  "Yes, may I please speak to ChiChi?" she asked the person, not recognizing the voice.  "One minute," the person said.
    Gohan went and got his mother.  "Mom, there's this lady on the phone for you," he told his mother.  "Thank you Gohan, no go back to studying," she said, walking out the kitchen.  Gohan sighed as he want back to his room,  "Hello?" asked ChiChi.  "Yeah, it's me, Serena.  Listen, I'm at the school registering the girls and the blank says to put in the fathers name.  How am I supposed to do that?" Serena asked.  "Did you ever think of putting 'Father Unknown'?" she asked.  Serena hit her head.  Why didn't she think of that?  "Thanks ChiChi.  Maybe later on I'll bring the girls over to play with Goten," she said.  "Alright, I'll see you later then," said ChiChi.  They hung up the phones.  After turning in the forms, the school secretary asked, "Would you like the girls to stay for classes today?  It would be no trouble."  Serena nodded, and the secretary led the girls into a classroom while she left to go find a job.

    Serena spent the next three hours in the den on the floor with newspapers, highlighters, and papers all around her.  She found several ads that she liked, and set up interviews.  She also went to a car dealer and bought a gold convertible.  By then, she realized, it was 2:45, and it was tome to pick up the girls.  She drove over to the school.
    "Mommy, Mommy, we had fun today, and guess what?  We met Goten, and his friend Trunks, and we want to go over Goten's to play today?  Can we?" asked Reenie, running to her mother.  Serena laughed.  "Alright girl, all right!  You can go.  Let's just wait until ChiChi comes to pick them up, okay?" she said.  "Okay Mommy!" said Ashley, who kept looking at Goten.  Serena tried with all her might not to bust out laughing.  Just then, ChiChi came, with Bulma in tow!

    "Hey Bulma, you want to come with me to pick up the kids?" asked ChiChi.  "Sure, I have nothing better to do.  Vegeta's in the gravity room, and he better not break it again, or else I won't fix it for a month." said Bulma.  The two of them headed out to Bulma's car and drove to the school.  As they approached, ChiChi suddenly realized that Serena might be there, but it was too late to not let Bulma come.  All she could do is hope that Serena already left or didn't come yet.

    Bulma walked in, and immediately saw her son with a girl with cotton candy pink hair and dark blur eyes playing tag with Goten and a girl with honey brown hair with cerulean-prussian blue eyes.  She saw Goten take the brown haired girl and her running to catch Trunks and her falling.  Before she could reach the little girl, a lady with her blond hair up reached the girl and sat her down on the couch.  ChiChi walked in, and saw Bulma looking at Serena and panicked.  She rushed over to Serena to ask what happened.  Serena looked up and saw ChiChi.  "Before you say anything, Bulma is here," whispered ChiChi.  Serena's eyes widened, but she composed herself.  "It doesn't matter if she finds out.  I trust Bulma completely," she said.  ChiChi called Bulma over.  "Hello Bulma, long time no see," said Serena.  Bulma took a good look at the girl in front of her.  "Serena?!!!" she asked.  "Yes Bulma, it's me, Serena," she said.  Bulma looked at ChiChi.  "You knew she was back?  Why didn't you tell me?" she asked accusingly.  "Bulma, she didn't tell you because no one was supposed to know I'm back," said Serena.  "Why?" Bulma asked.  Serena was about to go into the story, but ChiChi stopped her.  She pointed out to them that they still had to get the kids home.  Serena looked in her arms where Ashley had been a minute ago.  She was now back with the other kids playing.  They nodded, and Bulma and ChiChi left with Trunks and Goten, behind them was Serena with Ashley and Reenie.
    As they approached the house, sound of battle could be heard from the back of the house.  ChiChi angrily got out of the car and went behind the house.  Sounds of screaming and whimpers were heard, and ChiChi came back around, her magical frying pan in her hands.  Bulma and Serena's eyes met each others, and they both started cracking up.  They were laughing so hard tears were coming down their cheeks.  After five minutes of trying to calm down, they headed into the house and down to the basement so no one would bother them.  Fat chance.
    As they ladies were talking, feet could be heard coming down the basement stairs, and Mirai Trunks, Tien, 17, Yamcha, and a girl that neither of the ladies had seen before, but gave Serena a sense of deja vu, come down.  There was more than one room in the basement, and the 5 of them walked into one.  Sounds of kissing and other things could be heard.  Bulma, ChiChi, and Serena walked out of the room they were in into the room where they saw the others go into, and saw them getting quite the show with a stripper!
    Bulma and ChiChi yelled out a stream of curses that would have made God cry.  All of the guys turned around to see two really steamedwomen in the door.  Mirai Trunks made an 'eep' sound and hid behind Yamcha, who in turn hid behind 17, who in turn hid behind Tien who looked dead scared.  "What the hell is going on in here!!!  I KNOW that there is not a stripper in this room right now!" yelled ChiChi.  Serena pushed herself in front of ChiChi and gasped, not because she saw the boys, but because the stripper was her dead friend Mina Aino!
    "Okay, what the hell is going on in here?  Missy with the little spandex, what's your name?" asked Serena in a deadly voice.  "Mina Aino," said the girl, looking Serena in the face and her eyes widening.  "Oh my gosh!  I don't believe this!  I'm so ashamed!  Serena, I camn't believe it's you!" exclaimed Mina.  The guys each looked dead into Serena's face and fainted.


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