Well, I'm back with another Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Crossover.  This time, it happens in Dragon Ball GT, and I have a few little twists in it.  About 'I Can't Believe This': I'm working on Chapter 4, and because I want it to be good, it's taing some timr, but don't worry, it'll be out soon!

Peace After Pain
By Selenity
Chapter 1: Back To The DBZ Dimension

    "All of my friends, gone," Cosmos whispered sadly.  She looked around, seeing the destruction.  Suddenly, not far away, she heard a noise.  She walked over to see her daughers, crying as she had never see them do before.  "It's alright little ones, I have an idea.  We're going to see your daddy, if he's still around." she said.  She smoothened Ashley's honey brown hair and Reenie's pink hair.  Ashley looked up to see her mothers eyes.  Where their had once been joy, it was now replaced with pain and sorrow.  She took her mother's hand and Reenie took the other.  Cosmos looked down to see her five year old daughters cradling her hands.  She created a portal with her staff, and the three of them walked through.  (AN: I bet you'll never guess who's daughters they are, for sure!)

*DBZ Dimension*

    The portal opened in a forest, and Serena, Reenie, and Ashley stepped out.  "Alright Ashley, Reenie, now listen. We are going to find a home here, and we will forget about the past.  We will start fresh.  You two will go to school, have friends, and I will let you have the normal life I wished I could have had.  I will get a job, and work to support us.  I know it will be hard for you.  And when the time is right, I will let you meet your daddy, okay?" she told he daughters.  "Yes Mommy," said the two of them.  "Okay, just close your eyes, and I will put you in some different clothing," Serena said.  The two girls nodded and closed her eyes.  In a flash of light, Ashley had on a little pale blue shirt with dark blue shorts and blue sandals, Reenie had on a pale pink shirt and pink skirt with pink sandals, and Serena had on a white halter shirt and tight blue jeans.  "All right little ladies, lets go," Serena said.  The two girls giggled at their mom as they walked in front of her, thinking exactly how their lives would change.

    Serena had gone around, looking for an available place to stay.  She found one, unfortunately, it was near the one place she wanted to be far from - Capsule Corporation.  She sighed as she opened the door, the two little girls trailing behind her, looking around wonderingly.  The house was fully furnished, with three floors, including balconies and private bathrooms for each room, a huge living room, an elegant dining room, a spacious kitchen, and including a family room, and a den.  "Mommy, mommy, can we pick our our rooms now?" asked an excited Reenie.  "Yes girls, go and pick out your rooms.  I will be right up.  The rooms are on the second floor," said Serena.  The two girls hurried upstairs.
    Serena looked around the house before slowly climbing up the stairs.  She heard jumping from one of the rooms and went to see what was happening.  What she saw brought a smile to her face.  The two gils had found connecting bedrooms, and with the connecting door open, they were trying to see how high they could jump on their beds.  Serena laughed for the first time in days, enjoying the smiles and giggles that came from her daughters.  "Alright you two, you've had your fun, now aren't you tired?" she asked.  "Nope!  We have too much energy!" said Ashley, jumping off her bed and running into Reenie's room.  "You two wear me out.  I'm going out for a miute, you two stay here.  Don't answer the phone, don't open the door, or anything else, okay," Serena said.  "Okay," said Reenie.  Serena walked down the stairs and out of the door, making sure she locked it.

    The first thing she did was get her hair done.  If she was going to start her life oevr, she might as well get a new look.  She had them cut it down to her butt, and put it up in a clip.  After that, she walked into the supermarket to stock up on food as well as for dinner to cook that night.  As she was in the meat isle, she bumped into somebody.  "Sorry, she said, not looking up.  When she finally looked up, she gasped, looking right into the eyes of ChiChi!

    ChiChi was shopping for food to cook for dinner that night.  As she was lookiung in the meat isle, she bumped into someone.  She heard the person sau sorry, and she continued shopping.  Something in the back of her head told her to look up, and when she did, she looked up into the eyes of someone familiar to her.  A girl named Serena Tsukino.

    "Serena!!!  Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're here!!!" exclaimed ChiChi.  Serena smiled, as she motioned for ChiChi to quiet down.  "I can't talk to you here about why I'm back, but go two blocks away from Bulma's, 227 Knockturn Boulevard, and I'll explain to you there.  Come at 6:00 tonight, and don't bring anyone else.  No one was supposed to know I'm here," whispered Serena.  ChiChi nodded and went back to shopping, but not before saying goodbye to Serena.

~ChiChi's House~

    ChiChi opened the door and walked inside, her hands full of groceries.  She felt herself become takled by Goku.  "Is there anything else to eat?  Trunks and Goten ate everything, and didn't leave me any!!!!" whined Goku.  "Relax, I'm going to cook dinner in a minute.  Also, I'm going out at 6, so you have to take care of Goten, and no training, OR ELSE I'LL STOP GIVING YOU DINNER FOR A MONTH," said ChiChi, with the most innocent look of her face.  Goku gulped and nodded, and ChiChi handed him a box of cookies, in which her ploppoed himself on the couch with and began to eat.
    ChiChi walked inside the kitchen, putting the groceries down, and beginning to cook.  But on her ind was meeting Serena, and finding out the reason she was back, and what she would tell her.  She wondered if there was a bad reason she was back, and why she hadn't gone to see any of them yet, for as she could tell, she had been there for at least a week.  At 5:50, ChiChi let and headed for Serena's.
    As she reached Knockturn Boulevard, she knew exactly whch one was Serena's, seeing as it was near Christmastime, and the house she was looking at was thouroughly covered with light.  She remembered the number was 227, and when she looked at the house, that was the number.  As she looked at the house, she wondered why Serena had chosen such a big house.  As she rang the doorbell, she hear a voice say, 'Coming.'  She waited patiently, and the door opened, and Serena's face lookde out.  "Hello ChiChi, come in," said Serena.  ChiChi walked inside, and Serena motioned for her to sit on a couch.  She did, and Serena sat across from her.
    "Well, I might as well tell you.  When I left here, I came back to my home, and I had peace and rest until about 5 months ago, when an evil came to our Earth, and whiped out all of the senshi.  I defeated it, but all of my friends died.  I decided I neede to leave there, and this was the best place I could think of," said Serena, trying to hold in her tears.
    Just as ChiChi was about to say something, two little girls came down the stairs and say next to Serena.  "Mommy, are you okay?" asked Ashley.  Serena's face jerked up as she heard her daughter say Mommy.  She looked up at ChiChi, waiting for her to say something.  ChiChi just whispered, "They're his, aren't they," and Serena nodded.