Okay people, since I realized I made things more confusing when I added Andrew to the love triangle, making it a love square, so I decided to hook him up with someone else. Anyway, in this chapter, Serena's past will be awoken, and a few little incidents will occur.  I'm also starting a new fic, a Serena/Trunks fic (and I'm not creating it for Selenity Hater.  I'm creating it for the nice person called Serena and Trunks Number 1 Fan, who kinda asked a little bit nicer.  Also, since there won't be much romance for the others in this one, be sure that 'Broke Up One Day, Married The Next' (the S/T fic) will make it up (but that story will have a lot of humor).  Also, the way the story is, the girls are 15, but while they are still in the same year, and time that Serena left, 15 years have passed in the DBZ dimension, so she's 15 too.  Also, it might seem a little weird with all the family relations, so I'm asking you not to think the story through, please, or else you'll get confused.

I Can't Believe This
By Selenity
Chapter 4: A Love is Born, and a Fight As Well

*SM Dimension*
    Andrew picked his head to see Lita, Amy, Raye and Mina looking at him incredulously.  "This really isn't my day," he said before putting his head back down.  Lita picked up his head and propped them on his elbows.  "Did you really mean what you said about being in love with Serena?" asked Mina.  "Yeah, I mean, come on, she's just a Meatball Head who's lazy, clumsy, stupid, and doesn't like to do anything," said Lita.  Andrew looked at them all shocked.  "What is wrong with you people?  How can you say that about her?  Amy, you looked like you wanted to throw up as I said her name, and Lita, you're always protecting her.  How could you guys do this?  I thought you guys were her best friend, always sticking up for her and everything!  It that's the kind of bullshit attitude you have with friends, then I sure don't want to be yours, 'cause I'm not taking any more shit.  My life is screwed up enough," he said, before jumping of the stool and slamming the back door.
    "I don't see what he sees in Serena, I mean, she's so clumsy, and she's not even that pretty," said Mina.  "Don't bother with Andrew, his mind is clouded.  Darien was right about her," said Raye.  "I suppose, but Raye, weren't you the one who threw up booty to Darien, as well as the rest of us?  He was using us, you know," said Amy.  "Oh well, it was good, but we've all terminated that kind of relationship with Darien, and the thing is, I don't see how Serena never realized it," said Mina.

*DBZ Dimension*

    Gohan was surprised, but he didn't stop her.  The kiss lasted several minutes until they both broke apart, gasping for breath.  "Wow," he whispered.  "Gohan, I have something to tell you.  I don't want you acting silly when you find out though, and you can't tell anybody," she said.  "What is it?" he asked.  "I'm going to tell you the truth about me," she stated
    "I was once the Princess of the Sayjins, younger sister to Vegeta.  Freeza sent me on a mission somewhere, I think it was because with me out of the way, he could conquer the sayjins and destroy the planet.  Anyway, he blew up the planet I was on.  I barely escaped, and made my way to Earth.  I was heavily damaged when I met Gero.  He said he would keep me alive if I killed Vegeta, and I agreed.  He gave me the necessary android parts, but let me keep my mind.  Six months ago, 16, 17, and 18 found me, and I finally came out of the capsule he put me in."
    "Man, you've gone through a lot.  How do you deal with all of it?" he asked softly.  "I looked towards a brighter future.  I knew that one day, I'd just be able to live like a normal girl with normal problems and not have to worry about anything else.  I'd be able to choose what I wanted to happen with me life, and that's what kept my spirits up," she said.
    The two of them just sat there on the bed, thinking hard and long.  Gohan thinking about how beautiful she was, and Chloe, about those visions that kept coming to her.  Suddenly, she was hit with all of them, and it all finally made sense to her.  She remembered her wish and her mother granting it.  *So that's why I got that new transformation.  I'm in a new place.* she thought.  Suddenly, she snapped back.  "Alright Gohan, come on, we've done enough thinking for a while," she said smiling.  Gohan nodded, and they got back to training (and a few kisses for good measure).  Eventually, Gohan did manage to reach SSJ Level 4, and came up with quit a few new attacks, and he couldn't wait to see his father.

    Outside, Goku and the others were waiting for the door to open.  Yamcha heard the door creak, and immediately told the others.  He saw the door open a crack, and Chloe's head popped out.  She called Mr. Popo over.  "Excuse me sir, but to you have any clothing to spare.  Let's just say things got a little out of hand," she whispered.  He nodded, and went for some clothing.  He came back and gave it to her.  The door closed for a second, and opened again to see two flared up Super Sayjins.
    The first thing 17 saw was the two of their hands clasped together.  He immediately rushed forward and pinned Gohan to the ground.  "You better not have touched her, you hear me!" he growled.  "Why would you care, it's not like she's you girl or something." said Gohan calmly.  "It doesn't matter.  You better not have touched her in any was that is not appropriate or I swear with god as my witness, that you will be dead soon!" said 17.  Gohan pushed him off and got up, and both men stared each other down.
    Meanwhile, Chloe went to talk to the others.  'What was with you cracking the door just now?" asked Yamcha.  Chloe blushed.  "Let's just say our attire was not quite appropriate, and we did not need any questions asked," she said.  Trunks smirked.  "What do you mean about inappropriate?" he asked.  Chloe blushed a darker shade of pink than ever before.  "Trunks, that is none of your concern.  Besides, I seem to have dug up some dirt on you, some unpleasant dirt, and it you don't want Gohan to kill you, I'd advise you to shut up," she said.  "Go ahead, I have nothing to hide," said Trunks proudly.  "Alright, Mister.  What you did with my daughter Pan in the future would make your father scream and your mother go crazy, not to mention make Pan's father kill you in an instant.  And how I found out, it seems to be on your mind a lot," she said.  Trunks looked at her shocked and embarrassed, while everyone else looked at Trunks trying to figure out what he did.
    "Pan's your DAUGHTER!  That's impossible!  He mother's name is Serena, and she has silver hair, and she's the Queen of the Moon, after she brought it back," said Trunks.  "What's she talking about Trunks?  What'd you do?" asked Tien.  Trunks blushed hard.  Chloe laughed.  "Tien, please don't bother him about that, or any of you.  He's got quite a lot of thinking to do, but I'll give you a hint, how do babies come about?" she said.  Vegeta turned to his future son.  "You did THAT with her daughter?!!!!!  Boy, are you stupid or what?" asked Vegeta.  "Actually, he's not stupid at all, I mean, come on, he's your son and I'm his aunt.....ooops," she said, trailing off.
    "You're his WHAT!!!!!" yelled Vegeta.  "His aunt, your sister, what's the problem?" Chloe asked.  "You're supposed to be dead, that's the problem!  Freeza sent you to that planet, and he blew it up!  That was 14 years ago!" said Vegeta.  "Well, I'm here now, and you should be happy that I'm not killing you like I promised to do!" Chloe yelled.  "What do you mean 'kill me like you promised to do'?"  he asked darkly.  Yes, that's right, I promised to kill you for Gero.  But Gohan talked some sense into me, but if you start acting snotty, don't believe I won't hesitate to do so!" she said.  "Please!  Like you could kill me.  You probably can only go up to SSJ Level 2!" he said.  Trunks faced his father.  "Dad, I don't think you should have said that.  That was out of line," he said.  Chloe stopped him from saying more.  'No, it's okay.  He wants proof, I'll give it to him," she said.  She closed he eyes and immediately she was at SSJ Level 4, the power crackling like lightning around her.  "Yeah, I see I told you.  And what level can you reach Vegeta, SSJ Level 2 at the most?  If you would lose some of that attitude and stop trying to beat Kakkarot, then maybe you would reach your goal to become a higher Super Sayjin faster.  But no, two things stand in your way - your pride and your arrogance." she said, turning away and walking over to the now fighting 17 and Gohan.

    Gohan looked at 17.  "Listen man, you might have liked her, but I'm going with her now, and you have to deal with it," she said.  "I'll get her from you," said 17.  "Why are you doing this, I mean, isn't she your sister?" he asked.  "Not really.  She only has android parts, but she has a mind of her own completely.  Meaning she's not really my sister," he said, and getting tired of talking, he threw a punch right into Gohan's stomach.  Gohan retaliated with using one of his new attacks.  "Destruction Beams!" he yelled.  Little black energy balls were hitting 17, and they were like acid on him.  Quickly retaliating, 17 shot multiple beams at Gohan.  Chloe saw this and tried to stop the.  "This is ridiculous!  17, you have to realize that it wouldn't have worked out.  I didn't feel for you the same way I feel for Gohan, and I'm sorry to tell you that, but harming Gohan isn't going to change my decision.  So what you need to do is find someone who will love you for you, and won't care about anyone else.  I can't do that for you," she said.  17 nodded, and he flew down to go and think.

Just to let you know, when Serena becomes Neo Queen Serenity in this timeline, she will lose all relations to Vegeta, meaning they won't be sister and brother, although she will still have that power.  So that makes it all right for Trunks and Pan to do their thing (hehe!)