I really think I'm beginning to enjoy writing this story!  I love the reviews, and since I have nothing better to do this glorious day, I'm getting this part out early!  Isn't that great!  Anyway, A few people have asked me about the story 'Grease' and my answer is, because I love this fic so much, and I'm working on it extra hard now, I don't think Grease will be coming out until this story is done.  Also:

Gohan: 17
Mirai Trunks: 18
Little Trunks: 5
Chloe: 15

That's all the ages you need to know for this part.

I Can't Believe This
By Selenity
Chapter 3: Chloe kissed who and who?!!!

    18 looked at her brother as he snapped out of his reverie.  "17, stop staring at her like that, she's our sister for god's sake!" she said.  18 bit back the urge to say that she wasn't, but he knew that would hurt her.  "I wasn't staring at her, I was watching the battle and what she was saying to them," he said.  Trunks spoke up.  "Who exactly are you?" he asked Chloe.  "Just call me Chloe.  I'm 18's sister," she answered.  Trunks looked from Chloe to 18.  "I see the resemblance," he muttered.  "I heard that," she said smirking.  Gohan just looked at this interaction with a hint of something in his eyes.  The funny thing was, 17 was doing the same, with the same hint of something in HIS eyes.

*Back in the SM Dimension*

    Lita sat down at a table with Amy, Raye, and Mina in the arcade.  "Just a question, have you guys seen Serena recently?  She didn't come to school yesterday," said Amy.  "Who cares?  That Meatball Head probably faked sick not to come to school.  You know she hates it," said Raye.  (AN: Who else would be so cruel?)  "But that doesn't explain why when I went to her house her mother said, 'Oh, she's taking an early vacation with her grandmother this year.'  And Darien said he doesn't know where she was." said Amy.  "Oh well, she'll turn up soon.  She has to come home eventually," said Mina disgustedly.  "Let's just stop talking about her.  Let's talk about the enemy.  Amy, have you found Rubeus yet?" asked Lita.  "No I haven't.  But he'll show up soon." said Amy.   Suddenly, the girls heard yelling.  They turned around to see Darien and Andrew at each other's necks.
    "What the hell were you doing with my sister?" yelled Andrew.  "I'm fucking her, do you have a problem with that?" yelled Darien.  "Of course I do!  You're supposed to be my best friend.  Also, you're dating Serena!  Why are you cheating on her!  You know how she is!" yelled Andrew.  "As if I care how she is!  She's a stupid bitch that won't give ass!  That's all she is!" yelled Darien in response.
    "No she's not!  She's a very sweet and loving girl that loves you to death, and you really don't care how much you hurt her, do you?!!!  DO YOU?!!!" yelled Andrew.  "No I don't. And you shouldn't either, unless you're in love with her!  Is that it Andrew?  Are you in love with Serena?!!!  Are you, damnit?!!" asked Darien.  "YES, for goodness sake!!  Are you you happy now?  Now that you know?  God knows how much I've been trying to hide it, but I can't hold it in anymore." said Andrew, slumping down on a chair.  Darien just walked out.
    And left 4 VERY shocked girls in the arcade looking at a tearful Andrew.

(Selenity:  boo hoo!  I cried writing that!)

*DBZ Dimension*

    "Chloe, could I talk to you?" asked 17, with uncertainty.  "Sure," said Chloe.  The two of them walked off in the direction of the woods.
    "What is it?" she asked him.  "I really don't know how to say this, but there's something about you, something that draws me to you," he said.  Chloe looked shocked.  "Are you trying to tell me that.....you have feelings towards me?  As in romantic feelings?" she asked.  17 nodded.  "I know you know that we aren't really sister and brother, since you only have android parts, but you have a complete mind of your own.  So, it could work," he said.  Chloe just looked at him.  Suddenly, unconsciously, both of them leaned in and kissed.  A soft kiss, that deepened slowly.  Suddenly, Chloe moved away.  "I can't do this.  I'm sorry," she said, before flying back to the others.  17 followed.  He just couldn't figure out what it was about her that drew him in.
    Chloe stepped back onto the ground.  She turned to Goku and asked him," Is there anywhere I can train Gohan?"  The Room of Spirit and Time."  Chloe nodded, and they flew on there way there.

*Kami's Place*

    "Alright Gohan, come on," Chloe said.  Gohan followed Chloe into The Room of Spirit and Time.  As the doors closed behind them, Chloe said, "Gohan, by the end of our time here, I want you to be able to turn SSJ Level 4, okay?" she said.  "Okay.  Just one request; could you not talk to me like a little kid, it's annoying," he said.  Chloe laughed, and Gohan heard twinkling, or at least he THOUGHT he heard twinkling.  "Alright Gohan.  Sorry about that.  I'm just used to acting in command," she said.  Gohan nodded, and they started training.
    As nightfall came, and Gohan went to sleep, Chloe found herself a deserted area.  She concentrated very hard on reaching her most powerful level.  Suddenly, words popped into her head.  *Starlight Planetary Power* she thought.  "Starlight Planetary Power!" she yelled!  A silver light enveloped her, and she found herself in a white strap tee shirt with black pants that seemed to show the stars.  She looked on her neck and saw a crystal on a chain of silver.  *I guess that resonates my power.  I wonder what I can do in this form?* she thought.  An idea came to her.  She quickly conjured up some droids to beat.
    For the first 2 droids she yelled, "Firelight Arrows!" and arrows of fire came rushing at the droids.  They both turned into dust.  The next three, she used "Lighting Bolt Encompass!"  A bolt of lighting formed in her hands, and as she threw it at the droids, it formed a cage, and trapped them, electrocuting them.
    By this time, Gohan heard yelling.  As he got closer, he saw Chloe fighting droids, and as she finished her last attack, she looked like she would fall.  Gohan rushed to her and caught her before she hit the floor.  He looked her in the face.  "Are you all right?" he asked her as he lied her down on a bed.  She nodded, and a white light enveloped her, healing her.  She then noticed how close Gohan was to her.  She blushed faintly, turning her face from him.
    "Why won't you ever look me directly in the face?" he whispered to her.  "Because," she said, "I'm afraid of doing something I might regret."  Gohan was puzzled.  "Like what?" he asked.  "Like this," she said, as she bent her head towards his in a deep, passionate kiss.


That's all for Chapter 3!  What's Gohan going to say after that kiss?  How's Andrew going to deal with his interrogation by the girls?  Find out in Chapter 4!