Well, since all of you think I should really continue this soon (thanks all reviewers), I decided to wake up at 6 o'clock in the moring just to continue it.  Also, Moon Princess, Chloe/Serena is not a half sayjin exactly, her mother was an Earthling, so she's 1/4 sayjin, 1/4 Earthling, and half android nw, but on Vegetasei, she was half sayjin, half Earthling.  Kind of confusing, but oh well!  Also, somebody reviewed my story, and asked to make it a Trunks/Serena fic.  If they had read my introdution in my story, I had said that I wouldn't do that, for fear of making it an ecchi, which would not be quite good at all.  No romance yet, but we'll get there soon!  Anyway, hope you like!

I Can't Believe This
By Selenity
Chapter 2: Meeting A Few Others...What's that?  Trunks went up to where?!!!

    "Chloe, what'd you say to her?  You didn't tell her, did you?" asked 18 suspiciously.  All of a suddrn, two bangs could be heard from the G room.  "You know, I think I should get you out of here, Vegeta's her, and I don't think he should find out so soon, especially with the fact that I don't need to see a battle today," she said.  Chloe sighed.  "I was really looking forward to seeing the look on Vegeta's face.  But I suppose it can wait," she said.  "I suppose I can take you to Goku's place, that way, you can met the rest of the guys," 18 said.  Chloe nodded, and they were off.

*In the Woods (Selenity: Thought I fordot about him, huh?)

    17 sat on a rock.  *This is too confusing.  I finally get over Cell, and now this had to happen.  In really technical facts, she's really not my sister, so I shouldn't have to worry about her.  But I still have that feeling I should protect her.  She looks innocent, but I have the feeling she could really hurt someone if they did something to her or anyone she cared for.  Maybe I should just watch her, see how she reacts, before I do, or say anything stupid.  Either way, I have to make sure 18 doesn't really realize that she's not really her sister.  They seemed to have formed a bond already.* he thought.  With that on his mind, he flew off to find them.

*Goku's House*
    "Alright now, I won't tell them anything, because I think Vegeta would find out quicker then I could say, 'I'm part android'," said Chloe.  "You're right.  And if Tien, Yamcha, and the others are here, he would find out even quicker," said 18.  The two of them softly touched the ground and walked towards the back of Goku's house.

    "Come on Gohan, beat him," yelled Goku from where he was cheering.  "No Trunks, you beat him!" yelled Yamcha.  "KAMEHAMEHA!" yelled Gogan as he sent a big ball of energy at Trunks.  "BIG BANG ATTACK!" yelled Trunks.  The two sphrees of energy connected, and the attackers put all there strenght into holding them.  Finally, Trunks attack weakened, and Ghan's went at him.  He jumped up in the air, flying to move himself away.  The attack hit a nearbly bunch of trees.  "Gohan, Trunks, STOP BLOWING UP THE TREES!" yelled ChiChi, looking at her backyard, which contained no more trees, just a bunch of blackened stumps.
    Chloe looked at 18.  "The one with the lavender hair is Trunks, right?  And the other is Kakkarot's, I mean, Goku's kid," she said.  18 nodded.  "The one with the black spiky hair is Goku, the one with the three eyes is Tien, the one with the scar is Yamcha, the little boy next to Goku is his youngest son Goten, the one next to Goten is the Trunks from this time, and the lady that came out yelling was Goku's wife Chohi," she said.  Chloe glanced at 18.  "Mind if I challenge one of them?" she asked.  18 shrugged.  "Go ahead.  I wanna see what you can do."
    At this time, 17 landed right next to 18, with 16 coming.  "What's she gonna do?" he asked 18.  "She's going to challenge one of them," she replied.  17 shook his head, but looked on to see what would happen.

    Chloe approached them.  "Would any of you like a little challenge?" she asked them.  All heads turned around to look at her.  Gohan gasped.  *She looks like an angel!*  Goku smiled and asked "Who are you?", ignoring the gasp from his son.  "Just call me Chloe.  Anyway, I have heard a lot about you, and want to see it what I've heard is true.  Perhaps, a little battle?" Chloe asked.  "Alright, who would you like to battle?" asked Goku.  "I would like to battle the person that just fought your son," she answered.  Trunks finally took a good look at the girl, after hearing what she said.  She had blonde-silver hair in a braid, a white t-shirt that assented her curves, and blue jeans.  "Alright," he said.  They both go into fighting stances.
    Chloe watched as Trunks powerwed up.  *A Super Sayjin...no, Super Sayjin Level 2.  Intrestiong.  Either was, not match for me.  I hate to do this to my nephew, but I want to see if he can turn Super Sayjin level 3.* she thought.  "Aren't you going to power up?" asked Yamcha.  "No need to.  If I did, you'd all feel like fools." she said quietly.  *Woah, someone's a little overconfident* thought Tian.  Gohan just looked to see what would happen.
    Trunks finished, and he got ready to fight.  "BIG BANG ATTACK!" he yelled, sending an attack at Chloe.  Chloe yawned as she deflected his attack.  "What's the matter?  Is that all you've got?" Chloe taunted.  Suddenly, she saw pictures in her head of a girl with black hair saying,"You are such a baby!  Grow up!"  She shook her head, trying to get the image out.  She felt that she knew the girl, but she didn't know where.
    Trunks glared angrily at the girl as she fired her own attack.  "TIMELESS SUNLIGHT ATTACK!" she yelled.  Trunks felt as though he was being burned.  He quickly tried to shild himself from the attack.  He succeeded in sending it back at her, and she made it dissapear.  "Is that all your daddy taught you?  I thought he was supposed to be the Prince of the Sayjins!  Come on, you have to do better than that!" she yelled at him.  Trunks felt something inside of him snap.  He started yelling, and when he was done, Chloe smirked.  "So you finally reached Super Sayjin Level 3.  I was wondering when you'd do it." she said.
    Trunks looked at her dumbfounded.  "That why you wanted to fight me?" he asked her.  "Yes, I wanted to make sure you knew how to reach your full capabilities, and you sill aren't there yet.  You just made it up one more step," Chloe said.  She laughed nervously as the thers looked at her incredulously.  "What?  He DOES have a lot farther to go.  And so do all of you." she said.  "Uhh, could you teach me how to do that?" asked Gohan nervously.  Chloe took a good look at him.  *Wow, he's really cute!  I think I'm going to enjoy this!* she thought.  "Sure!  But not today..  I need a little break.  Oh, and 17, you can stop looking at me like that," she said.


Why was 17 staring at her.  And what else will happen other than Gohan training with Chloe?  Stay tuned!  Also, please review!