Here it is, my first crossover fic between Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon.  Just to let you know, it's a Gohan/Serena fic.  I just think they make the cutest couple, don't you?  (Selenity giggles)  I wanted to make it Trunks, but the way I wrote the story would make it an ecchi.  Anyway, don't flame me too much, this is just an attempt at romance.  At first it might seem like a Serena/?? fic, but it takes a twist.  Either way, let be stop spoiling it for you.  On with the story!

I Can't Believe This
By Selenity
Chapter 1: Goodbye and Hello

"Damn you Darien, why didn't just tell me all you wanted was the sex?" Serena asked angrily.
    "Because you wouldn't give it to me!  You acted to innocent!" retorted Darien.
    "Well then, Darien, I guess we both agree this relationship is over!  And I mean forever!" she yelled beck.
    "Fine," Darien said.

    Serena stomped out of his apartment and sat in the park crying.  *Why me?  First the senshi tell me they don't want me as their leader anymore, and now this.  Why is my life cursed like this?  I never asked to be Sailor Moon, or Princess Serenity, or be soul mates with that jerk.  I wish I could start my life all over somewhere else, without being a princess, or a senshi, or engaged to any prince that's like Darien.*

    "Is that what you really want daughter?" asked Queen Serenity, standing up in front of Serena.  Serena looked up and gasped.
    "Mother, what are you doing here?" she asked.
    "I heard your wish.  Is that what you really want?"
    "Yes Mother.  I really want to start over."
    "If I grant this wish, your life will start over, and you will be born again, with no memories."
    "That is fine with me."
    "Very well daughter.  These are my hast words: Good luck, and I hope you enjoy this life better." said Queen Serenity.  She hugged her daughter, and in a flash of silver light, Serena was gone.

*DBZ Dimension, 15 years later*

    "18, come over here," said 17.  18 walked over.  "What is it?" she asked.  He pointed to a capsule.  "Do you think it's another android?" she asked.  "We'll find out," said 17.  "Do not open that capsule.  That contains Android 15, and android that surpasses you 17, in mind, and strength.  Forget the fact that she is part human," said 16, speaking up.  17 smirked.  "There is no way any past creation of Gero is stronger than a newer version.  18, open that capsule." he said.  18 pressed the button, and the capsule opened.  Inside held a girl with long blonde-silver hair in a braid.  15's eyes snapped open.  "Who are you?  Where is Gero?" she asked, her cerulean-prussian blue eyes looking around the room, stepping gently out of the capsule.
    "Gero was destroyed.  I am 17, the girl in the black pants is 18, and the one in the back is 16," said 17.  "Well, you might have guessed, I'm 15, but Gero gave me back my human name, Chloe." said 15.  "Very well, we'll call you Chloe.  But if you don't mind, can we get out of here?  The dust is getting to me," said 18 annoyed.  Chloe laughed.  She had the feeling she was going to like this android, her sister 18.
    They left, and Chloe asked 18, "Where are we going."  18 answered, "We're going to Capsule Corporation, a company owned by the wife of the sayjin prince."
    Chloe gasped.  "We are going to the wife of Prince Vegita.  I must tell you, I was created to kill him, not Goku." she said.  18 smiled.  She liked this sister of hers, she got straight to the point.  "We are not trying to defeat them anymore.  They are our friends now." she said.  17 snorted.  18 continued, "They saved us from a very cruel dreath by Cell, also known as 21."
    "Oh well.  I was kind of loking forward to killing Vegeta with his own power, but oh well.  I might as well tell you, I'm a sayjin." said Chloe.
    17 stopped in midair.  "You're a what?????????????" he yelled.  Chloe held her ears.  "Yes, a sayjin.  I was the Princess of the Sayjins, sister of Vegeta, when Freeza sent me on a mission and tried to blow up the planet I was on.  I had barely escaped.  When I got to Earth, I was very damaged.  Gero offered me a chance to be an android, and be able to keep my mind, so I could move, as long as I killed Vegeta.  I agreed.  And well, here I am now." she said, feighning innocence for what she was.
    17 sighed.  He had a full android sister, a full android brother, and now a half sayjin/half android sister.  This was too much for him.
    "We're here, he said as he hit the ground.  He then proceeded to walk into the forest to think.  He had the feeling he would be there a while.

    18 brought Chloe inside, whispering, "I don't think you should let Vegita know who you are, he might go insane, and then you'd have an angry sister-in-law, and a very pissed off future son."  Chloe's eyes wideded at 18's last words.  "A future son?  I'm going to be an aunt?" she asked 18.  "You already are.  The son, called Trunks, in this time is 5 years old.  And that's not all, Bulma, that's Vegeta's wife, told me she's expecting again" said 18.
    Bulma looked up from her des to see 18 and another girl walk in.  "Hello 18, who is this?" Bulma asked.  "This is my sister, Chloe.  Chloe, this is Bulma, Vegeta's wife," said 18.  Chloe looked Bulma up and down, andBulma could swear she was critiquing her.  Chloe looked back up and said, "Nice to meet you," and whispered "sister-in-law" in Bulma's ear.  Bulma fainted.


Sorry its so short, there'll be more soon!